Monday, November 24, 2014

Greetings blog readers!!! This is another plea for letters for Sisar Nielsen for Christmas. A huge thank you to everyone who sent them last week! I really really appreciate it - they are wonderful and I know she will love them!! To everyone else,  PLEASE just send a quick email to Sisar Nielsen wishing her a Merry Christmas and letting her know who you are and why you enjoy her blog - what have you learned? did something make you laugh? cry? inspire you? You can say whatever you want - it can be 2 lines or 200! Please please please! Email them to (make sure you spell her first name right). These letters will be her whole Christmas morning in Finland before she arrives home January 1st to her presents under our tree. Thank you so much for supporting and loving Sisar Nielsen - I know how extremely busy you are and I appreciate you taking time to send her some Christmas cheer. Deadline is December 1st - no time like the present to make someone's day - both mine and Sisar Nielsen's :) Merry Merry Christmas!!!!
Jenessa's mom

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