Monday, April 28, 2014

4/28/14 - I Am a Happy Sisar

First off, shout out to the FAM. Gotta say it cuz it needs to be said, I'VE GOT THE BEST FAMILY IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Thanks for the package guys! So glad our family is eternal. Sure do miss your funny faces! 

ANDDDDD round 4 in Kuopio has officially begun! I headed down to Helsinki last Monday to get my new companion. It was fun reuniting with other missionaries at the Helsinki train station, including my one and only äiti Sisar Egan, my trainer. It was great seeing her and it's crazy how fast my mission has flown by! After a tearful goodbye to Sisar Woods, we were off! The next day I met with President and the other trainers, all of which are quite young in the mission (in fact, I was one of the oldest and I've only been out here for 8 months). President said that he has chosen so many young trainers because we are the architects of this mission and will be able to help get this mission to where the Lord intends for it to be. So after a great pep talk from President, we got our new trainees!

My new companion is Sisar Bates. She's from Tooele, UT,  likes to eat really healthy, andddddd has the first name of JANESSA. yep, you just read that right. We have the same first name! Crazy! But obviously, her's is spelled wrong because the correct way to spell it is JEnessa :)... but still, way cool! We then hopped on a train and rode 5 hours back up here to our beautiful city! And the work is moving forward here wonderfully well! 

E is doing so great! She is delightful! She said that my face is like sunshine and that I just light up the room, so now when she sees me that's what she calls me. So cute! She literally just knows how to warm my heart. We had a little girl in our branch get baptized this week. E came to watch it and thought it was wonderful. She even teared up when the little girl's father baptized her. The next day we met with her and she said she's not scared to be baptized and that she knows that it's true, but that she doesn't want to until she receives an answer from God that she's ready. As we were talking with her, I was just praying to know what to say and how we could help her. All of a sudden a thought popped into my mind and I said it without really thinking about it. As soon as I said it, the Spirit filled the room. I told her maybe the reason she doesn't feel like she's getting an answer is because she's not asking the right question. Instead of asking "Am I ready?" I told her to ask "How can I become ready?". She looked at me like I was brilliant and was like "Yes! That's it!" She agreed to pray and do all she can to become ready. She also came to church on Sunday again and really, the members just adore her! She walked into relief society and went and sat next to a sister that was sitting by herself that she didn't know and introduced herself to her and started chatting with her. We have a ward party this week and they were asking for volunteers to bring stuff and her hand shot up and she offered to help. She is already part of this branch. It's amazing! Pray for her that she will feel ready to go to baptism on May 8th! We know she can be ready in time! 

We also met with A this week and had a great lesson! He had so many questions. He then also came to the baptism and thought it was way cool. Afterwards, he was socializing with the members and he kept saying to us how surprised he was by the kindness and friendliness of all the members! Yessss! He then came to church yesterday and loved it! Again, he stayed for all three hours and as a result, the Elder's investigator with whom he is friends with also stayed! Miracles! He also asked us to give him more chapters to read in the Book of Mormon. Amazing! And set up another time to meet this week. He is progressing really well and we hope to invite him to baptism this week! Pray for him! 

We found 2 new investigators this week just be praying always and listening to the promptings we received. We left a less active's house and started to walk home when I stopped and said "we should pray to know which way to walk." We both prayed and felt we should walk a different way than we originally were going to. We did and walked down by this beautiful lake and said hi to a guy walking his dog. He stopped and we ended up chatting with him for a while. He's in his mid-twenties, has lived in California, and has talked with missionaries before. We brought out the Mormonin Kirja and he was like "Hey, I have one of those!" I asked him if he had read it and he said not really. We then explained it more to him and testified about how it has changed our lives and how we know that it is true. He said "Well, I might need to give this book another look." We set up a time to meet with him and discuss it. Way cool! We also found a 17 year old girl! We were trying a potential who didn't answer. So we tried another one in the same building and they didn't answer. We prayed to know if we should knock the whole building but we felt that we shouldn't. So we went outside and were like "alright, why did Heavenly Father bring us here?" We prayed again and both felt we should go knock building E. So we did, and found a 17 year old girl who is interested to know what happens after we die. We gave her a Mormonin Kirja and set up a time to meet. It is so cool to see how the Lord really led our steps this week. 

THE SUN IS HERE. I know I keep saying it, but it's just so wonderful and I can't get over it! I spent so much of my time here in the dark, that I almost feel like I'm seeing my city with new eyes. Last night when we were getting in bed (10:30) it was still a little light outside. Crazy! We also haven't been wearing tights the past couple of days! YESSSSS! It's still a little chilly but we're so excited we can't help it! I'm excited for everything to start growing! Apparently most things don't start until June, but it's okay, because summer is almost here! 

I love my life. I love my Savior. I love this church. I am a happy Sisar :). Pray to come closer to Christ everyday. And pray to help others come closer to Him as well. You have the power to change lives. Bring others to Him! He can heal any wound, lift any burden, and loves everyone. He truly is the way, the truth, and the life. He lives! And because He lives, so do you. Always remember Him. And stand for Him. Defend Him. Love Him. Be true to Him. He will always be true to you. I love you!


Sisar Nielsen

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