Sunday, June 30, 2013

The MTC - Week One and LOVING IT!

Hi Peeps!

I love being here (in the MTC- Missionary Training Center)!! My companion is awesome - I couldn't ask for a better one!  We are the same height and get along really well. I am the District Leader for my district of 6 sisters.  My Branch President says he hasn't seen or heard of a Sister being a District Leader before.  I am very humbled by this experience!  I love my District so much-they are the best!

Finnish is SOOO hard! Pray for me! This language is insane! They literally conjugate everything -nouns, verbs, everything! Today after hours of language study the frustration and tension in the room was overwhelming.  My companion and I went outside, knelt down, and prayed for peace and to remind ourselves why we are really here.  It was amazing how much better I felt as I returned to the classroom.  I know I'm not in this alone. The Lord knows Finnish and only through Him will I ever have a chance to speak it.

I've already had lots of embarrassing moments! My companion and district always ask me what my latest struggles are. So far I have stepped in a pile of mud, sat in a chair full of water, missed my mouth eating, tripped up the stairs, and totally embarrassed myself trying to learn Finnish. We all know awkward moments are a normal part of my life! haha

I am having so much FUN!  Our lessons are constantly filled with laugher! I'm sleeping well in spite of a rock hard bed and uncomfortable pillow.  I am running and doing yoga in gym. I am drawing closer to my Savior every day! You don't need to worry about me one bit!  Please send my love to everybody!

I know Christ lives!  I love Him and I know He is watching out for me!  I love wearing his name on my heart everyday!

Kirkko on totta - Church is true!

Sisar Nielsen


  1. I LOVE reading this. It will be so much fun to be in the loop with her. She's amazing!!!!!!!

  2. Great job in updating Jenessa's blog! I loved reading it. Jenessa is so capable....she will be a fabulous missionary. Thanks for posting. I look forward to following her adventures.